• Mardigras Mardigras
    The brand new 2.0 version of the Mardi Gras website. This time i have customized a Wordpress theme for this client, and added social media connectivity. The more difficult integration was related to the virtual TPV (online payment) for the online ticket purchase. It has an admin control panel, too.
  • Mardigras Cathaysa Mogollón
    Website made for the Cambur Web design studio. It consists on a customized Wordpress template again, dedicated to the GH12's contestant personal blog. I modified the theme's code at any required level: plugins, PHP, MySQL, CSS3, HTML, jQuery...
  • Mardigras GNC Spain
    Website made for the Cambur Web design studio. Its internal structure is based on a self-designed CMS supported on PHP5, MySQL and Ajax technologies, mainly.
    Again, I had to "touch" everything: Ajax, PHP, MySQL, CSS3, HTML, jQuery...
  • Mardigras La Familia
    Another website made for the Cambur Web design studio. Again, another WP theme customized following the graphic designer lines and the customer needs: PHP, MySQL, CSS3, HTML, jQuery...
  • GKM Consulting GKM Consulting
    Technically similar to the Mardigras Web site, but including a Flash intro. Again, this site is completely dynamic and can be updated in real-time:
    PHP, Javascript, Flash, CSS, MySQL...
  • O Crego O Crego, rural house
    This is one of my last projects. Still in development. Full CSS, jQuery, Google Fonts, and PHP/MySQL for the online reservation platform,
    including admin control panel.
  • Archivo2000 Archivo2000
    A really old Web site. A huge online catalog of products including admin control panel. The design is new, but the internal structure is still working
    based on my own ASP lines connected to MySQL databases.
  • Bruyah Bruyah Band
    An unfinished project. But the main Web core is interesting: it combines Flash actionscript (that loads movies on demand), with PHP/MySQL.
    Another dynamic Web site.
  • My personal Webpage My personal Webpage
    By the way, the site that you are visiting now is the result of a "24-hour-working-marathon", except for a 6-hour sleep pause. From scratch.


Some of my Web stuff.